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Boot-Trac Adventures was founded on Jan. 2, 2014 by teams from Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin to share our love of the outdoors. We are ordinary people that work full time jobs and love to spend our free time in the outdoors. Whether its picking mushrooms or fishing and hunting, the outdoors has a lot to offer everyone. We love to introduce outdoor activities to youth, newcomers of any age, and physically disabled people as well. We believe everyone should enjoy nature! We want to give back to our communities by teaching people to respect nature, and leaving the outdoors in better condition than we found it. Promoting ethical practices will help us insure that future generations will be able to enjoy the outdoors just as we do. We film our adventures to share with others and preserve the memories of time spent with friends and family. Our goal at Boot-Trac Adventures is to film our adventures as well as those of the people we introduce to the different outdoor activities we enjoy. We are planning a July 2015 web show. By showing how ordinary people spend their time in the outdoors, we hope to spark new interest in people of all ages and get them to enjoy nature as we do. We want to leave a legacy that shows it is not all about the harvesting of animals, but the enjoyment had and memories made pursuing any activity in the outdoors. So follow us on our journey as we share our outdoor activities with you, and



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